Therapeutic Walks

Yesterday came the question from my partner I often dread hearing: “Shall we take the dog for a walk?” However yesterday was completely different – I found myself pleasantly keen to fetch the lead, put on my shoes and pick up my cigarettes in preparation for a long walk through the fields. I found it quite the opportunity to get some fresh air and burn off some calories (in attempt to fight back against the weight gain caused by Sertraline).

Off we went into the dreaded outdoors. Yes; I do sometimes dread leaving the house for fear of intimidating social situations and scary paranoia of the highest severity and had no reason to believe I’d be safe from these demeaning occurrences I so often fear.

Within five minutes of walking down the long council estate street leading from the house to the fields, I felt somewhat happier. What was this strange occurrence? I understand the scientific reasons behind it – exercise is known to increase the level of chemicals in our brains which can improve our moods and emotions but I’d never experienced this personally.

For the next hour we walked and played with the dog and I felt a lot brighter. The storm clouds forming in the sky above didn’t deter us from walking further and further and, due to exhaustion of all the stored-up energy in my body, decided to walk back after almost two hours of ‘exploring’. It would have been a perfect end to the evening if it wasn’t for the sudden storm on the way home – getting wet wasn’t my intention when we left the house.

Despite this ‘unfortunate occurrence’, it didn’t overshadow the feeling of accomplishment and slightly-less-depressed mood presented to me after my hard work. I found a good treatment for the depression caused by Bipolar Disorder yesterday and it is one I shall bear in mind for the future.

Unfortunately today’s walk didn’t quite give the same advantages so, for myself personally, I believe this therapeutic effect that walking has on me is fairly hit and miss. It was good when it lasted though and definitely a lot of fun.

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One thought on “Therapeutic Walks

  1. Howisbradley says:

    Like almost everyone, once I got on meds my weight flew off the charts. I started walking and usually get that lift when depressed. When I started I could not walk to the market across the street without stopping at least four times. 1 1/2 years later I know walk 10 miles and don’t even bat an eye. I consider it a life saver.

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